Sherlock Holmes from A to Z


Everything you need to know about Sherlock Holmes, by C V Shea III

Dr. John Watson introduced the world to the amazing abilities of his friend and colleague, Sherlock Holmes. Throughout his recording of their adventures, many individuals, good, bad, and otherwise entered their domain. Places, jewels, weapons, and other strange objects of curiosity and in many cases of extreme importance crossed their paths.

This book is a compilation of all those people, places and things. Each individual person, item, curiosity, and place is listed, providing information obtained from the writings of Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and from an anonymous individual.

The author, Mr. Shea has been a great fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. A practicing criminal law attorney in Worcester Massachusetts, he has spent a lifetime involved with individuals such as described in the stories told by Dr. John Watson.


Tapa blanda: 500 páginas

Editor: Cvshea III (11 de marzo de 2015)

Idioma: Inglés

ISBN-10: 0692397086

ISBN-13: 978-0692397084


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