The awakening of Raleluköides (Kindle)


First book in the saga of Raleluköides, by Mado Serra. 

A new war threatens the Cosmos. The Gods, who had been defeated and been punished to be confined to their planet, have managed to escape and find allies to support them in the conflict. Their goal is to find who hid the ignoble weapons in the past. And with them subdue the whole Cosmos.

On Guercio, the hospital planet, a being whose memories have been stolen, runs away from the therapeutic ingravon to search for the memories and to find who can repair them. Giellae, inventor and applicant to Askalatha, the Polymorph Foorne, whose documentaries on Nature are famous throughout the Cosmos, Opoiper, the precocious lithosofer who persecutes the documentary filmmaker, overwhelming her with all kinds of requests, and an outlaw Lirikoi who pilots an ancient Galleon, will accompany him on his journey.

Persecutions and abductions; carnivorous, singing and evil stones; sidereal Galleons propelled by the excellent songs of the Lirikoi; spontaneous alliances; battles between friends and enemies; underground passageways that hide dangerous creatures … they will face all this, while trying to reach the Orbietah Spiral, the archive of the Cosmos, where the Askalathas deposited the stolen memories of the Gods.



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